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Stakeholder input survey for the KCPS superintendent search, with images of people using different types of devices.

The Kent County Board of Education is asking staff, students, parents and guardians and community members to participate in a survey that will help guide our search for a new superintendent. Click here to learn more and take the survey!
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Staff Directory

Teaching and Learning: Providing district leadership, support and accountability — with link

Kent County Public Schools ensures that our students come first. We are committed to providing academic excellence in a strong vibrant learning community facilitated through collaboration and built on trust. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. If you sent a message over a weekend or holiday, please allow 24 to 48 hours upon students' return to school for a response.

Gina Jachimowicz
Director of Teaching and Learning
Susan Pavon
Secretary of Instruction

Amelia Markosian
Local Accountability and Science Coordinator
Nicole Boyce
Mathematics, Title IV and High Quality Tutoring Coordinator

Jess Clough
Instructional Specialist
Michelle Cerino
Title I and Literacy Coordinator
Keri Hutchins
Grant Program Manager
Cassie Swayze
Instructional Specialist