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Summer meal survey with images of kids foods

Kent County Public Schools will be providing meals for children 18 years old and younger over the summer. Children do not need to be enrolled in Kent County Public Schools to receive these meals. Please fill out our Summer Meal Survey at to help us better understand the needs of our community for summer meals. The information you provide below will only be used in the planning process for summer meal distribution.
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Finance: Budget information, reports and forms — with link
The Finance Office is responsible for preparing, managing, and monitoring the operating, restricted, food service and capital budgets for Kent County Public Schools. Support is provided to all faculty, staff, students and stakeholders of Kent County Public Schools by ensuring accuracy and compliance with government regulations and accounting procedures.

Food Services: Serving up delicious school meals — with link
Children need healthy meals to learn and Kent County Public Schools offers healthy meals every day. Learn what's on the menu and more from the Food Service office.

Human Resources: Information for staff and prospective employees — with link
The Human Resources Office is a team of dedicated professionals committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our workforce. Our mission is to provide high-quality support for all employees that will allow Kent County Public Schools to recruit, retain and develop a diverse and excellent staff for our students and our community.

Learn about Kent County Public Schools commitment to School Safety for our students and staff, including the School Resource Officer program, our bullying reporting system and the anonymous tip lines for alerting us about safety concerns.

Information and Resources on Special Education — with link
Special Education is specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability. All services through the Office of Special Education are provided at no cost to parents of students with disabilities.

Student Services: Committed to enhancing student achievement — with link
The Student Service Department provides comprehensive services for all students.  We are committed to enhancing student achievement in all areas of the school setting. The Student Services Department is responsible for implementing programs and initiatives to facilitate the emotional, mental, social, and physical health of all students.

Teaching and Learning: Providing district leadership and accountability – with link
The Office of Teaching and Learning will provide district leadership, support, and accountability. In collaboration with other district and building administrators we will work to inspire classroom success, promote personal excellence as well as responsible citizenship.

Office of Technology: Resources for students and staff — with link
The Kent County Public Schools enhances the student experience through the incorporation of technology in the classroom and instruction. The Office of Technology oversees this and provides helpdesk services for devices issued to our students and staff.

Transportation Office: Securing a safe connection between home and school — with link
Transporting the students of Kent County is a very important business. Our main concern is safety. The Transportation Office maintains our buses in safe condition and they are inspected by the MVA and county inspectors. Drivers, attendants and students are given instruction in safety.