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Human Resources: Information for staff and prospective employees

All volunteers will be required to complete a Volunteer Application once per year. All volunteer applications will be reviewed and approved by the school administrator and human resources.

The Volunteer Process

Volunteers work under the direction of the principal. Volunteers must review and sign a “Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement,” and return it to the school principal before working with students. Volunteers must be supervised by a KCPS staff member at all times unless they have been cleared by Human Resources. 
All volunteers will be required to complete a Volunteer Application once per year. This application will be made available at each school as well at the Board of Education of Kent County. All volunteer applications will be reviewed and approved by the school administrator and human resources. Upon receipt of the application, a volunteer status or tier will be determined, and dictate the level of processing required under the law. 
Tier I* Volunteer: One day events in the school building  
Examples: class party, field trip, book fair, dance chaperone
Tier II* Volunteer: Volunteer at regular activities or overnight trips
Examples: overnight field trip, classroom assistant, coach, mentor, tutor
The Office of Human Resources will maintain a record of all volunteer applications for the school year.
All volunteer applicants (Tier I and Tier II) will be required to agree to a Maryland criminal history and National Sex Offender Registry background check conducted by the Board of Education. All Tier II volunteer applicants must agree to an additional fingerprint background check by the Board of Education. 
The cost of the fingerprint background check is currently $31.25 and is paid by the volunteer applicant. The fingerprint background check is valid for as long the applicant remains a volunteer.

As a volunteer for Kent County Public Schools you are expected to maintain the same level of confidentiality as employees. Do not share information that you see (in person or in electronic format) or hear in schools including, but not limited to, student grades, class work, behavior, home environment, inclusion in free and reduced lunch programs or enrollment in special education programs. This information must be kept strictly confidential. A signed volunteer confidentiality agreement must be signed, prior to the start of your assignment.
Volunteer Responsibilities
• Complete and submit a volunteer application to the building principal and/or Department Supervisor. The building principal has full discretion over the intent of your work and must be agreed upon at the start of your assignment. At no time, should a volunteer report to an assignment without the approval of the building principal or department supervisor. 
• Pay for fingerprinting requirements (If necessary).
• Wait for clearance from Human Resources and the school principal or department supervisor.
• Complete volunteer training.
• Adhere to all school and KCPS policies and procedures. 
• Wear a volunteer badge/sticker at all times when volunteering.
• Sign in and out of the school each time you volunteer.
• Report promptly to designated areas.
• Regard all information relating to children, teachers, and schools as confidential.
• Establish a cooperative work relationship with everyone in the school.
• Agreed upon attendance is expected. In case of emergency or illness, please contact the school if you are not able to come during the day or time established.
• Make prior arrangements for babysitting younger children.
• Use discretion when taking personal medications, both prescription and over-the-counter.
Sign a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement. 
Role of the Volunteer
 Work with small groups of children or individuals.
• Assist in all levels of content.
• Assist in listening centers and interest centers.
• Supervise seatwork and share information concerning student progress with teachers.
• Present enrichment activities in areas such as physical education, music, crafts and creative arts.
• Prepare bulletin boards and all types of instructional materials.
• Provide clerical assistance in the office, classroom, and media center.
• Work on special projects.
• Serve as a chaperone on class and school field trips.
• Assist in areas such as science fairs, outdoor education, band camp, etc.
• Assist in tutoring.
Security Procedures
Schools, parents, the Board of Education and all staff wish to make your volunteer experience a dual success. We want to make this a great experience for the students and for you. In order to provide as much security as possible for the students, we ask you to follow these brief steps.
As you enter the building:
• Report to the office and sign in
• Abide by all sign in requirements and procedures
• Procure a volunteer badge and wear it during your stay
As you leave:
• Return your badge to the office and sign out
• If you decide to re-enter, the volunteer must repeat the sign in process
Insurance Coverage
Volunteers are considered as agents or boards of education employees for purposes of comprehensive liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation.
The local Board of Education of Kent County may utilize volunteers in the school activities of the county. Such volunteer assistants shall not be used to supplant educational personnel but rather to assist regular employees in the pursuit of their assignments. 

Each local superintendent develops guidelines for the use of volunteer assistants within his/her local school system. Volunteer assistants shall be considered as agents of the local board of education of Kent County for the limited purposes of comprehensive liability coverage under Section 56B of this article for the purposes of worker’s compensation coverage under Section 21 of Article 101. (1972, ch. 220) Effective July 1, 1972.
Workers’ Compensation
The Board of Education of Kent County, Maryland shall not be liable for compensation to any volunteer under the Worker’s Compensation Act if the volunteer fails to sign-in for each period of service on the form provided at the Central Office or at any school within the purview of the Board of Education of Kent County, Maryland.

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