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Food Service

Food Service: Serving up delicious school meals

Children need healthy meals to learn and Kent County Public Schools offers healthy meals every day. Click here or the menu icon on this page to see what's for breakfast and lunch in our schools today!

My School Bucks

My School Bucks is an optional service for parents to view recent purchases and make prepayments to your child’s cafeteria account for meal and snack purchases via the Internet with a credit card/debit card. 
This service is offered as a convenience for interested families. By creating a secure online account, parents can manage their child’s account. Schools continue to take cash for meals in the cafeteria.
There are four easy steps to enroll:
1. Go to and click "Sign up today."
2. Create an account for yourself and add your children. You will need your student’s name exactly as it appears on their report card. 
3. (Optional) Provide credit or debit card information if you would like to make pre-payments to your child’s account.
4. Select a Meal Payment Option to make a prepayment or select your child’s name to view recent purchases.
By creating a secure online account, parents can manage their child’s account.

Free and Reduced Meal Information

Breakfast is free for all students at all schools, courtesy of the Maryland Meals for Achievement program. 
Lunch costs $2.50 for Galena Elementary School students and $2.75 for Kent County Middle School and Kent County High School students. Student meals are free at H.H. Garnet and Rock Hall Elementary Schools thanks to the Community Eligibility Program — scroll down for more information on that program. 
Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced-priced meals. While reduced prices for meals would be $.30 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch, the federal government now requires the state to cover those costs — making meals free for students who would qualify for reduced-price meals.
We are asking families to please review and fill out the meal forms below:

Community Eligibility Provision Program for Garnet and Rock Hall

Kent County Public Schools is fortunate to be able to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students that attend H.H. Garnet and Rock Hall elementary schools. KCPS is able to provide this through a program called Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), which is available through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Due to the fact that all meals are provided at no cost to all students, no Free and Reduced Meal applications should be submitted for any student that attends Garnet or Rock Hall.
While the benefit of the CEP program is immense to our community, the lack of information that is generally available from the Free and Reduced application could hinder other beneficial programs, grants and funding opportunities.
KCPS is asking that you take a moment to complete the following form so that we can have the information needed to pursue every opportunity for our students.
For Garnet and Rock Hall Elementary School Families Only:
Download the forms in Spanish:
Should you have any questions regarding this form, please feel free to contact your school’s principal or the Title I Office at 410-778-1595 or [email protected].

Wellness Through Healthy School Environments

The Board of Education is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all students in Kent County Public Schools. The Board of Education recognizes that good health fosters student attendance, education and achievement, and lifelong healthy habits. The Board of education recognizes that students need nourishing foods and physical activity in order to grow, learn and thrive. The Board acknowledges the necessity for the school system to ensure that the school environment promotes and protects students' health and ability to learn by providing nutrition education, health education, education, physical activity, nutrition standards and school-based activities. The Board believes schools have a responsibility to help students develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Angie Knoll

Food Service Department
Kent County Public Schools
5608 Boundary Ave.
Rock Hall, MD 21661
Phone: 410-778-7174