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Summer meals with KCPS logo and lunchbag graphic
Kent County Public Schools is offering free summer meals for all children 18 years of age and younger. As part of the schools' efforts to ensure that children have access to healthy food during the summer months, breakfasts and lunches will be available at no charge for children. No application is required. Children do not have to be enrolled in Kent County Public Schools. Menus and more information is available at
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Planning Now for the Future

Looking ahead — photo of superintendent with children, with link

Below you will find a pair of important planning documents for the future of Kent County Public Schools. First is our 2020-25 strategic plan, followed by our six-year (2018-24) facilities plan.

KCPS Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan cover – with download link
The 2020 Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan reflects the critical priorities and district goals for educating students within the Kent County Public School System. This plan embraces our core values and serves as a guide to support student learning for the next five years. Achieving long-term academic outcomes for our students requires a focused commitment from our teachers and district staff, including a high level of commitment from our families, community and business partners. We need your support to ensure every child who attends our schools has every available opportunity to learn, achieve and follow their dreams.
Dr. Karen M. Couch

All Kent County Public School students will graduate equipped to achieve their highest potential.

KCPS is an anchor organization that creates an environment of academic excellence through a collaborative, equitable and rigorous learning community.

KCPS ensures that our students come first. We are committed to providing academic excellence in a strong vibrant learning community facilitated through collaboration and built on trust.

Students First 
Individual learning experiences will meet the diverse needs of our students within an engaging and positive environment.

Promoting a culture of excellence and accountability demonstrates a commitment to our students, families and community.

Through integrity, equity, competence, and transparency we build trust with our students, parents and faculty.

Uniting our community requires respectful understanding of our diverse heritage.

Our success is dependent upon effective teamwork of our students, staff, parents and community members.

Fiscal Responsibility
Student needs will be achieved through responsible spending of the funds entrusted to us.

Equity icon
Equity For Every Student
We are committed to providing equitable access to high quality instruction and culturally responsive educational and support programs.

Communication iconQuality Communication
We will initiate, conduct and support proactive, transparent and engaging communication with all stakeholders.

Innovation icon
Innovation — Facilities, Technology and Training
We are committed to educating students in a healthy, safe and optimal learning environment.

Data iconData Collection and Utilization
We are committed to data collection and utilization. Student success information is critical to maximize the educational impact for our students.

Academics icon
> GOAL 1: Kent County Public Schools will support Early Learning to provide a strong foundation for future academic excellence and success.

> GOAL 2: Kent County Public School students will have equitable access to rigorous culturally relevant curriculum & instruction aligned to Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards.

Workforce icon
Workforce and Training
> GOAL 3: Kent County Public School leaders, teachers and support staff will have access to an array of professional learning opportunities set within highest employee standards to support optimal student outcomes.

SEL icon
Social and Emotional Wellness
> GOAL 4: Kent County Public Schools will create a safe, inclusive culture that meets the social and emotional needs of all students.

Family icon
Student, Family and Community Engagement
> GOAL 5: Kent County Public Schools will ensure families and community partners will be informed, engaged and supported for students’ academic success.

Building icon
Facilities and Equipment
> GOAL 6: Kent County Public Schools will have state of the art learning spaces and tools that are equitable and inclusive.

Kent County Public Schools Roadmap to Student Success Skilled and Diverse Staff  Innovative Technology  Universal Preschool  Comprehensive, High Quality Instruction  College and Career Coaching  Certification, Credentials and Apprenticeship  Career  College Career Preparation  Kent County Public Schools 5608 Boundary Ave Rock Hall, MD 21661 410-778-1595

Facilities Planning

Report to the Board of Education of Kent County
Feb. 10, 2018
The Six-Year Facilities Strategic Plan (2018-2024) is a first step toward envisioning the future of public education in Kent County.
The plan addresses urgent elementary school needs, and it proposes a long-term planning process that will define the secondary school program for the coming decades.
Facility planning and educational planning are complementary activities, and the proposed process will support planning a vision for critical middle school years when children shape their attitude toward education, and high school years when they formulate college and career decisions that affect their adult lives.

The plan is available for download below.