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The Board of Education appreciates your interest in serving as a substitute in the Kent County Public Schools. As a substitute, you will be replacing a permanent employee on a daily, on-call basis.

Substitute Teacher Training

• Equal employment opportunity
• Substitutes are important
• Roles and responsibilities of the substitute teacher
• Classroom management and discipline
• Need assistance, who do you ask?
• The daily routine
• Substitute teacher notification procedure - AESOP

Substituting - PowerPoint Presentation


Kent County Public Schools has transitioned to AESOP for substitute calling.


To become a Substitute you must follow these steps:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age to substitute in elementary or middle school and 21 years of age to substitute in high school.
  2. Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  3. Decide what type of substitute you want to become. You can be a substitute in a variety of areas, depending upon your qualifications. To become a substitute teacher or paraprofessional you MUST attend a half-day of observation.
  4. Call Human Resources at (410) 778-7140 or (410) 778-3644 to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted for a criminal background investigation. There is a fingerprint charge of $30.00.
  5. Attend the substitute orientation class.  Call Human Resources at (410) 778-7140 or (410) 778-3644 to schedule your attendance at the next substitute orientation class.
  6. *You do NOT need to attend the substitute orientation class if you hold a valid standard teaching certificate from any state and have been in the classroom within the last five years OR you hold a Bachelor's or higher in education and have completed the student teaching requirements within the last five years OR if you are being placed in a long-term substituting assignment.

What should I bring when I come for my fingerprint appointment?

The day of your appointment you will need to bring:

  1. Payment for your fingerprint fee in the form of a Check or Money Order (no cash please).
  2. A valid Driver's License.
  3. A completed substitute employment application (including a copy of your transcripts or degree, only if you hold a Bachelor's degree or higher) along with a voided check for direct deposit.
Fingerprinting is done at our Central Office location: 5608 Boundary Avenue, Rock Hall, Maryland 21661. Your picture will be taken this day for an identification badge, please come prepared.  

What is the substitute pay rate?

Substitute Teacher (Degree) $88.00 per day
Substitute Teacher (Degree) long-term $102.00 per day
Substitute Teacher (Non-Degree) $75.00 per day
Substitute Teacher (Non-Degree) long-term $83.00 per day
Substitute Registered Nurse $105.00 per day
Substitute Paraprofessional $68.00 per day
Substitute Custodian $9.46 per hour
Substitute Food Services $8.65 per hour
Substitute - Certified Teacher
$100.00  per day
Substitute - Certified Teacher -long term  
$120.00 per day