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Gifted & Talented

Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented Instruction

Kent County Public Schools is committed to providing rigorous instructional programs that encourage all students to realize their full potential as learners. A continuum of programs and services are provided.  Gifted and Talented services are available to students in grades K-12 throughout Kent County. 

School-based teams review multiple criteria in order to identify students in need of gifted and talented (GT) services.  Data sources include academic achievement, test scores, student products or performances.  These students require learning experiences beyond the standard curriculum.  Students’ learning may be enriched and accelerated; and, students may participate in advanced-level coursework at their local schools. Instruction is differentiated to provide all students appropriate pacing and support necessary for advanced-level learning.  The school team informs parents about how the school will address students’ identified needs.

Primary Grades
The Primary Talent Development (PTD) program, implemented by the classroom teacher in all KCPS elementary schools, provides all PreK-Grade Two students with opportunities to develop talents and demonstrate thinking skills through hands-on experiences and explorations. 

Elementary Grades
Curricula include highly-challenging content and materials that differentiate and extend Kent County Public Schools' Curriculum in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Differentiated curricula provide enrichment or acceleration and are usually implemented through flexible grouping within the regular classroom.

Secondary Grades
Secondary schools offer a sequence of rigorous courses as part of the STEM program.  Courses include advanced content and emphasize abstract and complex ideas. Kent County High School offers Advanced Placement courses as well as Dual Enrollment opportunities.

How can I support Gifted and Talented Education in Kent County?
Kent County Gifted Education Council (KCGEC) 
c/o Gina Jachimowicz
5608 Boundary Avenue, Rock Hall, MD 21661

Telephone: 410-778-7120 


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