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Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli

With initial interview rounds complete in the search for our next Superintendent of Schools, the Kent County Board of Education has announced that the three finalists are: Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli. Learn more about the candidates and the search process at
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Superintendent Search

The search begins for our next superintendent (in blue and gold with KCPS logo)

On Jan. 8, 2024, the Kent County Board of Education agreed to move forward with a search for a new superintendent of schools for Kent County Public Schools, with the successful candidate to begin no later than July 1, 2024. 

We have begun the search for our new superintendent with assistance from the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE). After receiving community and stakeholder input, Kent County Board of Education members have developed the final desired superintendent characteristics and criteria with the help of MABE consultant Bill Middleton.

On Monday, May 13, the Board announced three finalists for the next superintendent.

The Three Finalists

From left, Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. Letrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli

Dr. Mary Boswell-McComasDr. Mary. Boswell-McComas
Mary McComas is a leader in education, passionate about driving change, reform, and moving ‘education forward’ as an advocate for children and youth. For nearly three decades, Mary has realized many positive changes to better the lives of students. Whether in the classroom as a teacher, Chief Academic Officer, or Principal, she always keeps sight of the bottom line—the children.

As a leader of leaders that have answered the call for reform under historic demands, Mary is supportive and engaging. Her leadership style is one of inclusivity and innovation, underscored by pragmatism. She is a trusted BOE and community partner and a champion for evidence-based practices in curriculum design. Her ideas on how to chart new courses for better education, diversity, inclusion, and staff work-life balance mimic the corporate workplace with the future of our nation’s children as a compass.

Dr. McComas is implementing Maryland’s Blueprint for the Future at a school and has previously led Professional Learning and Curriculum and Instruction from 2015, in Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), the 25th largest school system with an accountability scope that ranged 30 offices. Yet, despite the complexity of a large ecosystem, for Mary, it is always about the children and their families.

Mary has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead at the cusp of educational expertise, financial acumen, operations management, and child development. Always ready for a challenge, Mary McComas played a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic by quickly shifting gears to ensure education continuum for more than 116,000 students in 3 weeks – under mounting pressure, tighter budget, public unease, and accelerated demands for virtual learning.

Another accomplishment she is proud of is creating a clear path from graduation to work— game-changing possibilities for graduates who seek and need options other than college. BCPS currently leads the state in the number of students going into career and technical education industries right after graduation. Mary also made a difference in the area of diversity and inclusion evidenced by significant improvements in the percentage of minority students scoring above the 61 percentile in math and reading in 2021 and 2022 on the Measures of Academic Progress nationally normed assessment as well as gains for minority students and students receiving services on the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program in 2023 for math.

Further, she has integrated brain science into the training of classroom teachers through professional training—a decision that moved the needle in reading scores. Before her role as CAO, Mary served as the Executive Director of Academics from 2016 to 2017. She catalyzed systemic change by expanding Spanish programs and integrating next-generation science standards.

Her deep roots in the education system include tenure as Principal of Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School #76 from 2012 to 2015 in Baltimore City Schools. Among several accomplishments, she reduced school violence by 93% through culture and climate transformation. She also served as Instructional Facilitator in Harford County Public Schools from 1997 to 2012 and as Assistant Principal at Aberdeen High School from 2004 to 2005, Department Chair and classroom teacher also at Aberdeen High School beginning in 1996.

When asked what she is most proud of accomplishing in her career, she always speaks about the children and the families supported during difficult times.

Dr. LeTrecia GlosterDr. LeTrecia Gloster
Dr. LeTrecia Gloster embodies the essence of servant leadership, dedicating her life's work to the betterment of education and the empowerment of students and educators alike. With a rich background in both practice and leadership, Dr. Gloster's journey is marked by a deep commitment to equity, excellence, and community service.

Born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Dr. Gloster was profoundly influenced by her grandmother, a former teacher in Gullah Island located in South Carolina. It was her grandmother's tireless dedication to providing equitable access to education that ignited Dr. Gloster's passion for serving others and becoming an educator herself.

Throughout her career, Dr. Gloster has held various leadership roles in diverse educational settings, ranging from rural to urban school districts. From mathematics teacher to middle school principal and executive director, she has consistently championed initiatives aimed at creating inclusive environments where every student can thrive.

In 2019, Dr. Gloster assumed the role of Assistant Superintendent at The School District of the City of York (PA), a district facing significant challenges. Through her transformative leadership and strategic partnerships, she led the district to successfully exit Recovery status, marking a milestone achievement in Pennsylvania's education landscape.

Armed with a wealth of academic qualifications, including a B.S. in Mathematics Education, an M.S. in Educational Administration and Supervision, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Dr. Gloster is a lifelong learner committed to continuous growth and improvement. She is also a graduate of Howard University's Urban Superintendent’s Academy and a certified Arbinger trainer, empowering educators to cultivate cultures of organizational safety and purpose.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Gloster is deeply engaged in community service and mentorship. As a mentor and role model, she has supported numerous aspiring leaders in their journey towards school administration and district leadership. She is actively involved in civic organizations such as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., The Links Inc., Phi Delta Kappa Sorority Inc. and Jack and Jill of America.

In her personal life, Dr. Gloster finds joy in spending time with her family, including her husband and two daughters. She enjoys indulging in her hobbies of boutique shopping, Zumba exercising, and watching "The Golden Girls."

Dr. LeTrecia Gloster's unwavering dedication to servant leadership is a testament to her belief that "service is the rent we pay." With her head, heart, and hands, she continues to inspire and uplift those around her, leaving an indelible mark on the field of education and beyond.

Dr. Dawn LucarelliDr. Dawn Lucarelli
Dr. Dawn Lucarelli is the Associate Superintendent for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Annapolis, Md., the 36th largest district in the United States. She is responsible for over 84,500 students in 119 schools.

Dr. Lucarelli has over 30 years of experience in public education with successful experiences as a Teacher, Reading Specialist, Assistant Principal, Principal and Regional Assistant Superintendent. She is a data-driven, results oriented leader who, as a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and Happiness Advantage trainer, brings a unique perspective to leadership, utilizing a strengths-based supervision style that empowers individuals to thrive.

Dr. Lucarelli’s diverse experiences highlight her passion for fostering inclusive communities and
nurturing students and leaders. Her mission is to ensure every student has access to opportunities in an environment that challenges and engages them in school and in life.

Dr. Lucarelli finds fulfillment in her role as a proud mother of four children, two of whom graduated from Carroll County Public Schools, while the other two currently attend Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Their presence serves as a daily reminder of her unwavering commitment to her "why" – the pursuit of excellence in education to shape brighter futures for all students.

Leading the Search

On Jan. 23, 2024, the Kent County Board of Education approved a contract for MABE to serve as the search consultants.

MABE logo (Maryland Association of Boards of Education

The search process information  below was presented to the Kent County Board of Education on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024 by Milton Nagel, executive director of MABE, and William Middleton, lead consultant.

The Hiring Process

Applications for superintendent closed Monday, April 8.

Job search iconLearn more about the type of leader we are looking for and the search process here.

Application and Interview Timeline
• First consideration application deadline is April 8, 2024.
• Interviews will be conducted in April and May, 2024.
• Position start date is July 1, 2024.
• The position will remain open until filled.

William T. Middleton, Lead Consultant
MABE Superintendent Search Service
621 Ridgely Ave., Suite 300
Annapolis, MD 21401


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Plan and execute a search process that is thoughtful, responsive and fair

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Minimize the possibility of legal challenges as a result of procedural flaws

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Identify the best leader for your school system

Phases of the Superintendent Search

Phase Blocks with Roman numerals 1-4


Action Items:
• Selecting a firm
• Developing characteristics and criteria

Who is Involved:
• Board of Education
• Stakeholders via survey
• Consultants
1 to 2 months


Action Items:
• Application
• Brochure/Flyer
• Advertise

Who is Involved:
• Board of Education
• Public Information Officer
• Consultants

1 to 2 months

Three arrows pointing down


Action Items:
• Review and rank applicants
• Interviews (multiple rounds)
• Check references
• Conduct focus groups

Who is Involved:
• Board of Education
• Stakeholder Input
• Public Information Officers
• Consultants

2 to 3 months


Action Items:
• Contract Negotiations
• Public Appointment

Who is Involved:
• Board of Education
• Board Attorney
• Public Information Officer
• Maryland State Superintendent
• Consultants
July 1, 2024

State Certification Requirements

Maryland flag
There are two paths to certification to be a county superintendent of schools as stated below from the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR):

State Certification – COMAR Sec. 13a.12.04.03. Superintendents (Last Updated: April 6, 2021)
Traditional Certification
(3) Education Requirements for Traditional Certification. The applicant shall have:
     (a) A master's degree from an Institution of Higher Education (IHE); and
     (b) Have completed one of the following:
          (i) A Maryland State Department of Education-approved program which leads to certification as a superintendent to include coursework covering public school administration, supervision and methods of teaching;
          (ii) A program offered by an IHE leading to certification as a superintendent in the state in which the institution is located to include coursework covering public school administration, supervision and methods of teaching; or
          (iii) 60 semester hours of graduate course work, including a minimum of 24 semester hours in education administration taken at an IHE, to include public school administration, supervision and methods of teaching. Graduate coursework earned under §B(3)(a) of this regulation may be applied toward the 60 required semester hours.
(4) Experience Requirements for Traditional Certification. The applicant shall have:
     (a) 27 months of satisfactory teaching performance or satisfactory performance as a certified specialist as defined in COMAR 13A.12.03 in a PreK-12 setting; and
     (b) 24 months of satisfactory administrative or supervisory experience in a PreK-12 setting.
State Certification – COMAR Sec. 13a.12.04.03. Superintendents (Last Updated: April 6, 2021)
Reciprocal Certification
(5) Requirements for Reciprocal Certification. A superintendent who enters Maryland from another state may obtain a Superintendent II certification if that individual:
     (a) Holds a valid professional state certificate in a like or comparable area;
     (b) Presents verification of at least 36 months of satisfactory performance as a superintendent during the past 7 years; and
     (c) Presents verification of 2 years of graduate work at an IHE to include coursework covering public school administration, supervision and methods of teaching.

The Screening Process

Took people shaking hands and holding a resume
• Review and rank applications based on established criteria and characteristics
• Identify candidates for first-round interview
• Agree on interview questions
• Conduct first-round interviews
• Based on first-round interviews, identify candidates for second (open-ended) interviews if desired
• Perform deeper reference and background checks, maintaining candidate confidentiality
• Establish an interview schedule
• Conduct second-round interviews

• Based on interviews, identify and announce finalists
• Schedule each finalist for a stakeholder meeting(s) and a final meeting with the Board of Education
• Complete additional reference, internet and background checks
• Schedule site visits if desired
• Review all finalist materials and rank order them
• Select and contact the top candidate
• Contact state superintendent for approval of the prefered candidate to initiate a conversation between the candidate and the state superintendent


Board of Education's Role

The kent County Board of education with photo of the board room and headshots of all six board members.

The Kent County Board of Education controls the superintendent search process. Stakeholder and consultant involvement informs the Board’s deliberations, but ultimately the Board is responsible for all decisions.

In addition, confidentiality is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition and a successful start for a new superintendent.

Joseph Goetz, president of the Kent County Board of Education, has been appointed as the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the superintendent search process.

MABE Presentation

Click the video below to see the presentation by Milton Nagel and William Middleton of MABE to the Kent County Board of Education on Monday, Jan. 23, 2024.