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Kent County Public Schools will be providing meals for children 18 years old and younger over the summer. Children do not need to be enrolled in Kent County Public Schools to receive these meals. Please fill out our Summer Meal Survey at to help us better understand the needs of our community for summer meals. The information you provide below will only be used in the planning process for summer meal distribution.
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Football practice at Trojan Stadium

field hockey, football, soccer, volleyball, cross country, golf, unified tennis and cheerleading

basketball, swimming, wrestling, indoor track, unified strength and conditioning and cheerleading

tennis, lacrosse, baseball, softball, track and field and bocce ball

To participate, each athlete must have a signed pre-participation form.

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Click here for a copy of the Athletics Participation Form for Kent County High School.

Schedules and Scores

For game schedules and scores, visit Digital Sports and County Sports Zone.

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Dual Sports Option

The Bayside Athletic Conference, which includes Kent County Public Schools, is allowing students to play two sports in one season.

Students will be allowed to declare a primary sport and a secondary sport during each of the three athletic seasons on the school calendar.

Some sports come with added restrictions to ensure students do not over-extend themselves. For example, a student who plays football as a secondary sport may do so only as a kicker or punter.

Student athletes who wish to participate in two sports during a single season must complete a permission form and return it to the athletic director. The form is available below.

The form requires the signatures of the student, their parent or guardian, the coaches of each team, the athletic director and the principal.

According to the Bayside Conference guidelines, the request process begins with a meeting that includes the parents or guardians, the athletic director and the two head coaches before the first allowable play date of the season. All parties must agree to the request.

Approval may be denied because of academic concerns before or during the season. If the request is denied, the student remains eligible to play a single sport.

There is no appeal process. 

The student athlete must declare which is the primary team and which is secondary. 

Practice and game or meet requirements must be set before the season starts. Games and meets get priority over practice. 
Likewise, games and meets for the primary sport are the prioritized above those for the secondary team.

If a student athlete is disciplined for an infraction in one sport, the action may also be applied to the other sport.
If the student drops off the primary team, they may not participate in the secondary sport.

The dual sports options by season are:
Primary: cross country, field hockey, football, golf, soccer, volleyball, unified tennis, fall cheer
Secondary: cross country, field hockey, unified tennis, fall cheer, football as kicker/punter only
Primary: basketball, wrestling, indoor track, swimming, winter cheer, unified strength and conditioning
Secondary: unified strength and conditioning, winter cheer, indoor track, swimming
Primary: softball, baseball, lacrosse, track and field, tennis, unified bocce
Secondary: tennis, unified bocce, track and field
The list of primary and secondary sports options aims to prevent overuse injuries, increased physiological wear and tear, game and meet cancellations and scheduling issues.


Team Apparel

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