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Program of Study

Students Services: Committed to enhancing student achievement – with link

The mission of Kent County High School is to equip every student to achieve success in a diverse global community. The exciting journey of high school is and remains a time when students lay the foundation for a bright future. Kent County High School is committed to providing all students with a 21st Century education to meet college and career readiness.
Students and parents are encouraged to take the time to carefully review the Kent County High School Student Program of Study. This important guide can assist you with making important decisions about your high school course of study that will impact your future higher education pathway and career choices. This document will also help you with understanding all high school requirements and course offerings. You will find traditional classroom courses, as well as online courses.

Our school counselors stand ready to assist students and their parents with the very important decisions that will have to be made regarding your future.

Cover of the 2024-25 Program of Study