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Kent County Public Schools will be providing meals for children 18 years old and younger over the summer. Children do not need to be enrolled in Kent County Public Schools to receive these meals. Please fill out our Summer Meal Survey at to help us better understand the needs of our community for summer meals. The information you provide below will only be used in the planning process for summer meal distribution.
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Home/Hospital Information

Student Services: Committed to enhancing student achievement

Home/hospital teaching is a short-term itinerant instructional service with specific guidelines for implementation. The home/hospital teacher works closely with the student’s administrator, counselor and teachers to ensure continuity in instructional services while the student is out of school.
This service is provided to Kent County Public Schools students who are unable to attend school due to a certified physical or emotional condition. Home/hospital teaching is provided to a student who is staying home, in a therapeutic center or in a hospital while convalescing or receiving treatment.
Home/hospital teaching is provided to enable the student to continue academic work and remain current with classroom instruction while absent from school. Home/hospital teaching can also provide a transitional educational service before a student returns to a regular school setting.

Responsibilities of the school:
• Receive and date verifications of need for home/hospital teaching.
• Prepare and submit a registration packet to Student Services.
• Maintain the student on the regular school roll and count the student as present, except when a student is not available for Home/Hospital teaching services.
• Revise the IEP of any student receiving special education services and discuss with the home/hospital teacher how it needs to be monitored.
• Provide the Home/Hospital teacher with materials of instruction. This includes books, course outlines, tests/exams, projects, service learning information and any other materials necessary for instruction.
• Determine final grades and what credits are to be awarded.

Responsibilities of the home/hospital teacher
The role of the home/hospital teacher is to act as the liaison between the student, the parent, and the school and to help the student remain current with his/her academic program, including all courses needed for graduation.
The home/hospital teacher will:
• Contact the parent/guardian to establish a teaching date and time.
• Contact the student’s teachers to obtain materials and assignments.
• Provide student with instruction for all classes in which he/she is enrolled as appropriate.
• Submit all completed assignments to the student’s teachers.
• Contact Student Services with any questions or concerns.
Responsibilities of the parent/guardian 
• Present to the school verification of the need for home/hospital teaching services.
• Provide transportation to and from a neutral location for home teaching to occur if possible and appropriate.
• If student is unable to leave the home, the parent will provide a safe environment for home teaching to occur; and be sure an adult (21 years or older) is in the home at all times during the teaching session.
• Contact the home/hospital teacher in the event that the student is unable to keep a scheduled teaching session.
• Sign the Home/Hospital Teaching Report after each session.
• Contact Student Services with any questions or concerns.
• Communicate expectations with home/hospital teacher.
Responsibilities of the student
• Maintain motivation and cooperation with the home/hospital teacher.
• Be on time.
• Bring books and materials to the teaching session.
• Spend normal school hours doing school work.
• Complete all assigned work.
• Demonstrate an attitude of respect toward the home/hospital teacher.
• Participate and cooperate with the home/hospital teacher on completing assigned work.
• Submit completed work to the home/hospital teacher.