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Staff Directory

Kent County Public Schools ensures that our students come first. We are committed to providing academic excellence in a strong vibrant learning community facilitated through collaboration and built on trust. When you have a question or concern, please follow this chart to ensure you are bringing it to the correct member of the KCPS team. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. If you sent a message over a weekend or holiday, please allow 24 to 48 hours upon students' return to school for a response. Click here or on the chart to download a copy.

Parent Communication flow chart: If related to instruction and learning, first contact the teacher. If not resolved, then contact the teacher specialist or assistant principal followed by the principal. Lastly, if still not resolved, contact the director of teaching and learning. If related to social-emotional and well-being, contact the teacher. If not resolved, contact the counselor or social worker, then the principal. Lastly, if still not resolved, contact the supervisor of student services.

H.H. Garnet Elementary School Administration

Brenda Rose
Office: 410-778-8107
Kiki Jones


Rebekah Baker
Jodi Bortz
Teacher - Music
Aimee Boumiea
Teacher - Art
Dana Bourne
Technology Instructional Assistant
Mary Brown
Teacher - 2nd
Jarrod Cann
Instructional Assistant
Cailley Cochran
Special Education Teacher
Kasey Coleman
Teacher - 2nd
Christine Cox
Cafeteria Manager
Lisa Cusick
Teacher- 3rd
Heather Davis
Title 1 Intervention Specialist / Academic Coach
Elizabeth DeSchepper
Judy Center Coordinator
Kathleen Devine
Special Education Teacher
Paula Dohl
Teacher - 1st
Keith Dreisbach
Lead Custodian
Horace Driesbach
Brittani Fahrman
Judy Center Family Service Coordinator
Jennifer Fithian
Teacher - 3rd
Kendall Fogel
Teacher - 2nd
Sophie Fosnot
Teacher- 1st
Jedina Frazier
Teacher Specialist
Anesha Freeman
Media Instructional Assistant
Barbara Heidler
Instructional Assistant
Jody Herman
Teacher - ESOL
Sam Hicks
Margaret Hitzges
Occupational Therapist
Cherie Huhn
Teacher- 5th
Shauntey Jeffers Murray
Instructional Assistant
Taylor Johnston
Teacher - K
Kiki Jones
Regina Jones
Instructional Assistant
Shannon Kennedy
Special Education Teacher
Elizabeth Kerr
Instructional Assistant
Jenny Maloney
Teacher - 3rd
Christie McElhenny
Teacher - PreK
Jessica Miller
Laura Morrone
Teacher - PreK
Theodosia Parker
Instructional Assistant
Maureen Ranville
Brenda Rose
Tonya Saunders
Social Worker
Shannon Simon
Cathy Smith
Teacher - 4th
Jessica Smith
Teacher- 1st
Kim Smith
Instructional Assistant
Megan Smith
Elementary Coach
Courtney Spiering
Teacher - 4th
Florence Terrill
Community Schools Specialist
Callie Turner
Instructional Assistant
Whitney Vass-Needam
Teacher - K
Dorren Walker
Annette Walls
Danielle Webb
Davidson Bryan Williams
Teacher - Physical Education
Jen Willis
Instructional Assistant
Diane Zimmerman