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Baccalaureate 2014 at KCHS



Core Values

These are the principles we believe and that drive all our decisions.

Students First

   Developing positive relationships and providing individual learning experiences within a digital environment will meet the diverse needs of our students.


   Our success is dependent upon effective teamwork of students, staff, parents, and community members.


   Promoting a culture of excellence and accountability will demonstrate our commitment to students.


  Uniting our community requires respectful understanding of our diverse heritage and valuing the natural beauty and resources of our environment.

Fiscal Responsibility

  Through responsible spending of the funds entrusted to us, the needs of all students will be achieved.


   Trust and confidence will be acquired through integrity, competence, and transparency.

2013/2014 School Year Attendance Rates

Below please find the average daily attendance rates for each school for the month of June and the school year.  Please join me in congratulating HHGES for having the highest rate in June  and for the school year.  RHES is to be congratulated for having the greatest improvement in their rate this June from last June.  KCHS is to be congratulated for having the greatest improvement from last school year to this school year.  

Please also take special note that the state's standard for student attendance is 94%.  All schools in KCPS met that standard for the 2013-2014 school year!  Thanks to everyone for their hard work to make this happen.  In the end it is our students who benefit from all the effort!

Fiddlesticks Players

Fiddlesticks Players perform at May 12th Board Meeting.

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