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Anchored in excellence, Kent County Public Schools will provide personal learning experiences within a collaborative community of learners, that inspire our students to reach their highest potential and become engaged global citizens.

Core Values
These are the principles we believe and that drive all our decisions.
Students First
Developing relationships and providing individual learning experiences within a digital environment will meet the diverse needs of our students.
Our success is dependent upon effective teamwork of students, staff, parents, and community members.
Promoting a culture of excellence and accountability will demonstrate our commitment to students.
Uniting our community requires respectful understanding of our diverse heritage and valuing the natural beauty and resources of our environment. 
Fiscal Responsibility
Through responsible spending of the funds entrusted to us, the needs of all students will be achieved.
Trust and confidence will be acquired through integrity, competence, and transparency.

Easter Monday

Schools will now be open on Easter Monday due to the excess number of inclement weather days used.


Central Office Nominee for Support Employee of the Year 2015

Congratulation to Ginnie Walls for being chosen as the Central Office Nominee for Support Employee of the Year!! Pictured here with Superintendent Dr. Karen Couch and Supervisor of Finance Angela Councell.


Ginnie Walls has been with Kent County Public Schools for 42 years and has been in the same role as Chief Computer Operator her entire tenure. She supports payroll, manages attendance for the entire county, assists with the preparation of the budget and helps the Supervisor of Finance with the day to day maintenance of the budget, along with various other duties. She carries with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise for the financial program, Efinance and the time and attendance program, Veritime.


All-Shore Band

Instrumental music students from Kent County Middle School and Kent County High School auditioned for All-Shore Band this past weekend.  Having almost 500 students from the entire shore auditioning, Kent County placed 7 students in the groups.  The middle school students are;  Emily Spencer - Flute, Zachary Stroh -Flute, Nathan King - Trombone.

Students from Kent County High School are; Senior- Ashton Mooday- Flute, Sophomore- Melody Sharp-Clarinet, Senior- Sam Florent-Trumpet and Sophomore- Glaeden Boyd- Euphonium.  Congratulations to all of our students.


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