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One School One Book Part 20

One School One Book Wonders Part 20

Good afternoon Gators!
Welcome to today's read along session for "Wonder" and Galena Elementary School's One School One Book program. 
Today's Sections
Take Your Seats, Everyone; A Simple Thing; Awards; Floating; Pictures; The Walk Home; APPENDIX
Discussion Questions
Do you like the quote Mr. Tushman used to explain why he thought Auggie Pullman deserved the Henry Ward Beecher award: “He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts . . . ?” 
Auggie is nicely appreciative of his parents on the walk home. “Thank you for making me go to school,” he acknowledges. Take a moment and think of something you might want to thank your parents for. Perhaps, it could be reading this book with you! ;) 
Have you ever been faced with choosing between being right or being kind? Which did you choose? Moving forward, how can you intentionally choose to be kind? What can each student do to make your school environment a kinder place? What can teachers and staff do to contribute? What about at home? How can you choose to be kinder at school and at home?

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