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Influenza Season Information

Once again that time of year has come where seasonal influenza is prevalent. At schools, our health room staff track any reported illnesses and watch for any trends. In addition, we are giving attention to our environmental control measures to decrease exposure and spread of illness.

We have attached an informational sheet for your reference. (Click Here) This same reference sheet is also posted on school websites and The Kent County Public Schools FaceBook Page.  

If a child has been diagnosed with influenza, we ask that the student remain home until fully recovered, and fever free for twenty-four hours without the use of fever reducing medication.

We would also appreciate your letting us know if your child has been diagnosed so that we may continue to track illness, please send in a copy of any positive influenza reports so that we may be able to accurately track the flu status in our schools.

Thank you,

Melissa King, RN

School Health Services Coordinator

Kent County Health Department


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