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KCMS STEM Science Olympiad Team Earns a Fourth Place Finish at the State Tournament!

Kent County Middle School teachers, Christine Clark, Melissa MacLeod, Katie Hughes, and Karen Carty, along with volunteer Zane Carter, led the KCMS STEM Science Olympiad team to a fourth place win at the state tournament on Saturday, April 9th, 2017.

The team previously earned a place in the state tournament by placing 5th in the regional tournament on Saturday, February 10th, 2017.

According to the national Science Olympiad Organization, “The Science Olympiad Tournament is the pinnacle of achievement for the state's best Science Olympiad teams. Each year a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology.” Source: https://www.soinc.org/

This year KCMS students participated in a wide range of events, from designing their own experiments to creating a working hovercraft. These events required students to work cooperatively on rigorous hands-on learning challenges. Countless hours went into preparing students for their events. Each day they worked during their Extended Learning Time at KCMS, in a-ddition to expanding their knowledge and refining their project-based building creations at home.

Pictured, left to right:

First row: Molly Grafton, Madilyn Conner, Andrew Smith, Christopher Hinton, Sella Conner

Second row: Logan Carroll, Brandon Myers, Thomas Martinez, Emma Walters, Jamera Christy

Third row: Matthew Rickloff, Kate Ervin, Marlee Berghaus, Katie Stecklair, Ashlyn Orr, Christine Clark

Fourth row: Zane Carter, Melissa MacLeod, KT Pagano, Leah Maier, Olivia Jones, Ian Walters, Jay Reid

Back row: Robert Bourne, Jack Cullum, Ronald Parker, Karen Carty

State Results:

4th Place in the State

Experimental Design- 2nd Place: Ashlyn Orr, Katie Stecklair, and Logan Hall

Crime Busters- 5th Place: Madilyn Conner and Thomas Martinez

Dynamic Planet- 1st Place: Molly Grafton and Marlee Berghaus

Invasive Species- 3rd Place: Brandon Myers And Leah Maier

Road Scholar- 2nd Place: Thomas Martinez and Robert Bourne

Food Science- 5th Place: Ashlyn Orr and Katie Stecklair

Rocks and Minerals- 6th Place: Jamera Christy and Leah Maier

Wind Power- 6th Place: Andrew Smith and Robert Bourne

Fast Facts- 5th Place: Andrew Smith and Thomas Martinez

Meteorology- 3rd Place: Madilyn Conner and Marlee Berghaus

Optics- 4th Place: Robert Bourne and Logan Hall

Towers- 5th Place: Robert Bourne and Logan Hall

Hovercraft- 3rd Place: Jamera Christy and Leah Maier

Mission Possible- 2nd Place: Brandon Myers and Thomas Martinez

Bottle Rocket- 1st Place: Andrew Smith and Matthew Rickloff

Regional Results:

5th Place in the Region

Bottle Rocket- 1st place- Andrew Smith and Ian Walters

Mission Possible- 2nd place- Thomas Martinez and Brandon Myers

Experimental Design- 3rd place- Katie Stecklair and Ashlyn Orr

Towers- 3rd place- Ian Walters and Robert Bourne

Food Science-3rd place- Katie Stecklair and Ashlyn Orr

Crime Busters- 3rd place- Thomas Martinez and Nathan Walls

Write-it, Do-it- 3rd place- Matt Rickloff and Brandon Bowman

Wind Power- 4th place- Robert Bourne and Andrew Smith

Scrambler- 4th place- Sella Conner and Emma Walters

Crime Busters- 4th place- Lydia Davis and Madilyn Conner

Anatomy and Physiology- 5th place- Robert Bourne and Andrew Smith

Towers- 5th place- Logan Carrol and Tennant Allen

Fast Facts-6th place- Andrew Smith and Thomas Martinez

Dynamic Planet- 6th place- Molly Grafton and Marlee Berghaus

Hovercraft- 6th place- Jamera Christy, Leah Maier, Kate Ervin, and KT Pagano

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