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A Sneak Peek At What's Ahead!

Please select the link below for a quick peek at some things currently planned for the school year.  Please be advised that changes may take place.

Welcome Back Letter 2017

Welcome back! We are excited for the upcoming school year! Please select the link below for informative information from our principal Mrs. Amy Crowding.


2017-2018 School Supply List

Please select the link below for the school supply lists for this school year.

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Science Club: Project Clean Stream

On Saturday, April 1, our Science Club contributed to the Project Clean Stream effort to collect shoreline trash throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Last year, the initiative had 74,000 volunteers picking up 3.3 million pounds of trash. Five science club members (Brayden Walters, Kayleen Walters, Jordana Capp, Rachel Hazzard, and Sylas Merrell) along with their wonderful parents met at the Sassafras Resources Management Area for a three hour adventure of fun-filled work. We salute the work done daily by our environmental friends in Kent County and we were eager to do our part to help keep our "Great Shellfish Bay" beautiful.


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Fun With Math!

The 4th graders are writing equivalent fractions to add two fractions with respective denominators of 10 and 100 (4.NF.7). For example: 8/10 + 15/100 To play the game, students roll two die. The first dice tells them what tenths fraction to write down and then, they roll the second dice and that tells them what hundredths fraction to write down. Students add the two fractions and find the answer on the game board and cover it with a colored counter. The first student to get "Tic Tac Toe" (or three counters in a row) is the winner!  

Science Club students and parents engaged in two sessions of animal dissection. The first session, everyone dissected an earthworm. Students were able to identify many of the earthworm's internal organs, such as the crop, gizzard, esophagus, and hearts. In the second session, participants dissected an animal of their choice. There was dissection of dogfish sharks, octopi, starfish, perch, and stingrays. Much learning and fun was had by all.  Please select "read more" for pictures! 

The Galena Elementary Science Club, led by science teacher Tracy Hodge, is doing some exciting things! From making turbines to disassembling machines, students are learning about science in fun ways. We hope you will join us. We always have a tremendous turnout, but always have room for more!

Select "read more" for some pictures of our latest events.  Thank you Sarah Merrell for sharing the pictures.


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GALES Picture Day
Thu Sep 28 2017
Fri Sep 29 2017
Character Counts Begins
Mon Oct 2 2017
Boy Scout Orientation Meeting
Thu Oct 5 2017
Coffee Talk
Fri Oct 6 2017
90 Minute Early Dismissal
Wed Oct 11 2017
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