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Please Complete This Brief Survey

                                                                                                      Hello GALES Family!  Please take a moment to fill out the survey at the link below.  Thank you! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJw85pw5r13UVlQO_DGQdc2MT-6Mm0JHhvOCLHqodM__9Zgg/viewform   
More At Home Resources

            At the link below, you will find many resources that you may find helpful for continued learning.  Please know that not all of the resources have been vetted by the Division of Curriculum, Instructional Improvement and Professional Learning.                                                                                                                                                                           Resources can be found at this link:      https://filecabinet7.eschoolview.com/FD70CE83-17ED-4DA9-9DED-9520A0DE2A0D/ParentResources.pdf     
How To Access Clever

Free Stories in Multiple Languages - en español tambien!

Reading, at any age, is so important for continued learning!  Fortunately, many free resources have become available lately!  At the link below, you can choose a story at different reading levels and even different languages (en español tambien).  Do you only speak English?  It might be fun to hear a story in English and then hear the story again in a different language!  Do you notice any words that sound similar in both languages?  You can choose from English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Italian.

To access the free titles, just visit stories.audible.com from any web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.).

The experience is completely free – no log-ins, credit cards, or passwords required. Just click, stream and listen.  Enjoy!
Scholastic Reading Counts - Home Access

Hey GALES readers! We know we have lots of students who love to read (and we LOVE that you do)!! If you were taking Scholastic Reading Counts quizzes prior to the state of emergency then you can now take a Scholastic Reading Counts quiz at home! Please read the attached letter which contains the link or go directly to:  https://h100001380.education.scholastic.com/slms/studentaccess   Keep reading and keep learning! We miss you and are thinking of you!    

          For direct access to the links in the letter, please select the following link:  https://filecabinet7.eschoolview.com/FD70CE83-17ED-4DA9-9DED-9520A0DE2A0D/Cornonavirusletter.pdf   
Our OSOB Event Has Begun!

Read along with us!  Each weekday a new chapter will be posted so that you can listen or read along.  To play the videos, select OSOB from the main menu (it's at the bottom of the left menu).  Select a chapter and listen as you are read a chapter by one of our staff members.  We hope you enjoy!    
State Testing Dates For Spring 2020 - MISA Date Changed to March 31st & April 1st

Please note that the 8th grade social studies test dates have been changed to May 27-28.   
MSDE Required Vaccination Requirements For The 2020-2021 School Year

    Please select the link for the vaccine requirements for children enrolled in pre-school programs and schools: https://filecabinet7.eschoolview.com/F34E3DBB-1022-462B-B487-5861C04251F8/Min_Vacc_Req20_21_Final1.pdf                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Please select the link below for the age appropriate vaccination requirements for children enrolled in child care programs:




2020-2021 KCPS School Calendar

This is the official 2020-2021 KCPS School Calendar for next year!  Thank you to all who gave input!    
WCTR Junior DJ's!

A few of our students have had the opportunity to be Junior DJ's as part of the WCTR Character Counts Junior DJ program! We have been thrilled to listen to these students shine on the radio. We are so proud of their bravery, eloquence and of course how they display the KCPS Pillars of Character Counts. If you missed it, we thought you might like to listen! Currently, the radio spots of Billy, Dyron and Lucy are posted on the WCTR website: https://www.wctr.com/index.php/moore-and-les/junior-dj    
Random Acts Of Kindness

Mrs.Ribaudo’s Kindergarten friends morphed into KINDergarten Ninjas last week to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week. They made cards, decorated posters, and spread lots of smiles.      
100th Day Of School

Learning About Our Community Leaders

Our 4th graders had a great visit with Mayor John Carroll, the mayor of Galena and Elizabeth Greenwell, the town manager of Betterton! They learned what it means to be a mayor and town manager and how important those roles are to our community. Then, they did some brainstorming activites as they discussed the issues that are most important to our 4th graders. Thank you John Carroll and Elizabeth Greenwell for spending time with us!    
Coastal Clean-Up!

While on a field trip to Turner's Creek, our 5th graders participated in a Coastal Clean-Up event where they collected trash and debris from the shoreline.  Then, some of the students used items they collected to create artwork that will be displayed at the Kent County Library in Chestertown.  The works of art will be displayed during First Friday on March 6th beginning at 5pm!   Pictured with art pieces Fernando Ocean and Seafood Cafe' are Eddie, Ayana, Stella, Aurora, Maggie and Chloe.  Not pictured is Cece.  Great work students!    
GALES Twin Day!

 It was so fun to see so many friends dressed as twins for twin day!  You all looked great!        
HackerSpace Presentation

A few representatives from KCPS elementary schools presented HackerSpace projects to the board members and the meeting attendees. These students represented the almost 100 KCPS elementary students (from the 3 schools combined) that attended the first session of HackerSpace this year! WOW! If we only had a bigger room for the presentation!! We are so glad that so many of our students have enjoyed HackerSpace. Information on the next session is coming soon!    
Character Counts At GALES

Oh, the joy of giving! Mrs. Hooker, who helps GALES in so many ways including as a GALES Character Counts coach for Mrs. VanSant's classroom, helped her class to donate a male goat for a family in Bolivia! The family has a nine year old son who will take care of the goat. A school from Virginia matched the donation (with a female goat) and now if baby goats are born, the family then passes the baby goat to another needy family in their area. We love that our students are passing on blessings! Thank you Mrs. Hooker for your loving lessons!    
A Visit From The Maryland Science Center

Representatives from the Maryland Science Center were here today to do fun experiments, which taught us about so many topics!  We learned about energy, motion, friction, gravity, acceleration and more!  It was awesome!    
Mrs. Lins - GALES Teacher of the Year 2019-2020


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Mrs. Skinner - GALES Support Person of the Year 2019-2020


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