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Special Education Directory

Office of Special Education

Dr. Wendy Keen 
Supervisor of Special Education 
Mark Buckel
Assistant Coordinator of Special Education

Pat Archer
Secretary, Special Education 

School Psychologist
Secondary Schools
Diane Zimmerman – [email protected]

Tracey Rodney – [email protected]
Annette Walls – [email protected]

Occupational Therapists 
Laura Barry, COTA – [email protected]
Margaret Hitzges – [email protected]

Physical Therapist
Missy Maule – [email protected]

Early Intervention/Infants and Toddlers
Susan Johnson – [email protected]

Family Support Resource Center 
Elizabeth Proffitt – [email protected]

Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Julia Gartner – [email protected]

Galena Elementary School
Special Educators
Rachael Gugasian – [email protected]
Kristina Welch – [email protected] 
Alixandria Murphy – [email protected]
Victoria Szlachta – [email protected]
Instructional Assistants
Betsy Skinner 
Lisa Darby – [email protected] 
Chrishyra Blackson – [email protected]


H.H. Garnet Elementary School
Special Educators
Rebekah Baker – [email protected]
Patricia Gibbon – [email protected] 
Beth Rich – [email protected] 
Cailley Cochran – [email protected]
Instructional Assistants
Aneesha Freeman – [email protected] 
Theodosia Parker – [email protected]


Rock Hall Elementary School
Special Educators
Katelyn Boardman – [email protected] 
Lori Receski – [email protected]
Instructional Assistant
Terrence Moody – [email protected]


Kent County Middle School
Special Educators
Sydney BIllings – [email protected]
Stacey Baker – [email protected]
Will Hughes – [email protected]
Stephanie Wishart – [email protected]
Chris Kliever – [email protected] 
Tykeya Jones – [email protected]
Ashley Grant – [email protected]
Cheryl Fracassi – [email protected]
DeLia Shoge – [email protected]
Instructional Assistant
Hazel Harrison – [email protected]


Kent County High School 
Special Educators
Sharon Hamilton – [email protected] 
Rose Asplen – [email protected]
Jim Martin – [email protected]
Diane Hogan – [email protected] 
Kyle Kimichele – [email protected]
Jeremey Browne – [email protected]
Instructional Assistants 
Anna Roe – [email protected]
Cheryl Hartmetz – [email protected]
Laura Johnson – [email protected]
Dinah Hicks – [email protected]
Shirley Baker – [email protected] 
Marilyn Green – [email protected]
Joann Miller – [email protected]