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Citizens Advisory Committee

Citizens Advisory Committee: Providing a channel for public concerns, advice and communication for the kent County Board of Education

The Citizens Advisory Committee is a channel for public concerns, advice, and communication and as requested, will make recommendations on topics and issues impacting Kent County Public Schools educational programs and activities.
Two members of the Kent County Board of Education will facilitate the committee and preside as chairperson and vice-chairperson. Thirteen members are appointed to the Citizens Advisory Committee: two members from every school, two community members at-large and one high school student.
The committee is required to meet at a minimum four times per year. A quorum must be present to conduct meetings.


Chair: Trish McGee, Kent County Board of Education
Vice-Chair: Francoise Sullivan, Kent County Board of Education

School members
Galena Elementary School
Monica Fuchs

Kent County Middle School
Katie Hughes, Harold Somerville

H.H. Garnet Elementary School
Jodi Bortz, Maureen Ranville

Kent County High School
Brenda Vujanic

Rock Hall Elementary School
Jennifer Glenn, Carole Manley

Student Member
Madison Messick

At-large members: Bill Flook, Fran Peimer

Interested in Joining?

Citizens Advisory Committee members are appointed to a two-year term at the April meeting of the Kent County Board of Education. Their terms will officially begin July 1. 

The Board of Education begins accepting applications Feb. 1. Applications must be submitted by April 1.

Two versions of the application form are posted below: one that can be printed out and returned via mail or fax and one that can be filled out online.

Return printed applications to:
Gail Manley 
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Kent County Board of Education
5608 Boundary Ave.
Rock Hall, MD 21661
Fax: 410-778-2350

Community Feedback Form: We want to hear from you! Share your positive feedback, ask us questions and let us know your concerns.
Kent County Public Schools ensures that our students come first. We are committed to providing academic excellence in a strong vibrant learning community facilitated through collaboration and built on trust. We welcome your questions, positive feedback and concerns.

Meeting information

The next meeting of the Citizens Advisory Committee will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 16. The meeting will be held at the Kent County Public Schools Administrative Building, 5608 Boundary Ave., Rock Hall.