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Thoughts About Recycling from a KCMS Student

This world has a problem with recycling. There are places or corporations that are environmentally friendly and support recycling. If you wanna help save the world, consider buying from some of these Earth supporting companies. For example,  if you want to reduce plastic when brushing your teeth, then buy toothpaste from bitetoothpaste.com for refillable toothpaste bottles. Or you can buy environmentally friendly soap from plaineproducts.com.  

Kent County Middle School has already started on supporting recycling. The school has put a recycling bin in the cafeteria. Another teacher has started a marker recycling program partnering with Crayola. Students made posters to go throughout the halls and above all recycling bins in the building, to educate students and teachers about recycling. All these efforts on supporting recycling have been accomplished by a small group of middle schoolers. If middle schoolers can do this, think about what you or your community can do.

  • Garrett Strayer Student of KCMS

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