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Virtual Inclement Weather Day Plan Information and Schoology Instructions

KCPS Virtual Inclement Weather Day Directions
How/where to check if we do have a Virtual Inclement Weather Day
A robo-call/text will go out announcing the Virtual Inclement Weather Day. You can also check your school’s Facebook page or school website for this announcement.
Time and Attendance Guidance for a Virtual Inclement Weather Day
Students are to log onto Schoology and join in their period one classes at 8 a.m. 
Students who do not attend virtual class with cameras and microphones on will be counted as absent. 
Chromebook and Schoology sign-on for students

Step 1: When opening the Chromebook, you will see your name. It may take a few seconds to appear. You may have to plug in your charger. You will need to enter your personal Wi-Fi information, unless on school Wi-Fi.   
Step 2: Enter your Google password and then select “Enter.”   
Step 3: You will be prompted to choose an account. Select the Google account that has your name and KCPS Google email address.
Step 4: The Schoology login page should open automatically. If you are using a personal computer or if the Schoology page does not automatically open, you can get to Schoology by going to kent.schoology.com. 
Step 5: Select COURSE from the top menu, then choose a course. Click CONFERENCES on the left-hand side of the screen. Choose APPROVE if prompted to do so. You are now ready for a video conference!
Step 6: To sign out, select your name in the upper right corner and then choose “Log Out.”

"Clever" should appear automatically in the tab next to Schoology. If not or if you are on a personal computer, enter clever.com/in/kent. Then select “Log in with Google” and choose your name.

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