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Citizen Advisory Committee here to help

Citizen Advisory Committee with photo of students in a hallway

ROCK HALL — Kent County Public Schools families and staff, as well as members of the broader community, have an advocate in the Citizen Advisory Committee.

The committee serves a channel for public concerns, advice and communication for the Kent County Board of Education.

"The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) is a structured group that meets about specific issues impacting educational policy, activities and programs," the policy governing the committee states. "The CAC may also respond to requests from the Board for research and recommendations on specific educational issues."

The committee's membership comprises two representatives for each of the five public schools here, two at-large members and a student member.

The committee chair and vice chair are, respectively, Board of Education member Trish McGee and Vice President Francoise Sullivan.

The committee is required to meet four times a year, though it often meets more frequently.

Meeting discussions generally focus on informing members and the public about programs in Kent County Public Schools.

The committee may make recommendations, as requested, to the Board of Education on topics and issues impacting the education programs and activities of Kent County Public Schools, with the exception of personnel matters.

"All committee recommendations are advisory and nonbinding and the Board of Education has the right to accept or reject all recommendations," as the CAC policy states.

The CAC and the Board of Education advise families that any concerns should first be brought up with teachers and administrators at the school level.

The Citizens Advisory Committee in its current incarnation was enshrined in policy by the Board of Education in fall 2021.

Committee members are appointed to two-year terms. The application period for new members opens Feb. 1, with terms officially beginning July 1.

The student member is appointed for a one-year term.

Board of Education members are selected for one year and begin their terms Jan. 1.

Families and community members can reach out to CAC members by submitting an online Community Feedback Form.

The form and additional information about the CAC is available online at www.kent.k12.md.us/CitizensAdvisoryCommittee.aspx.

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