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Attendance reporting for families

Reporting your child's absence in Powerschool

ROCK HALL — Is your child absent from school? Do they have an upcoming appointment that will require them to miss a day?
Families can log into Powerschool to report their student's absence.
Follow the steps below to report an absence in Powerschool.
1. Click on Attendance Monitor from the navigation menu on the left side of the window.
2. Select the Report Attendance tab.
3. Enter the Absence Date. If reporting an absence for the current day only, leave the second date blank.
4. Click on the What is the reason for the absence drop-down menu and make your selection. If the reason for your child's absence is not among the options listed, please contact your school.
5. Next, answer the question: Is this absence for the whole day? If the answer is No, enter the 
Time Range where prompted.
6. Enter information about your student's absence in the Explanation text box.
7. Click Submit to finalize the absence report.
Powerschool does not allow families to report an absence for a previous date.
If you have any questions about your child's attendance and reporting, please contact your school.

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