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KCPS Strategic Technology Plan 2015-2018

The Challenge

            The digital transformation of Kent County Public Schools requires full system-wide integration of technology to fulfill KCPS’ new mission to provide personal experiences within a collaborative community of learners.  To sustain this commitment, the strategic technology plan focuses on digital classroom environments and student-centered learning.  The foundation of the plan is based on the results of a rigorous survey of our current instructional practices using Project 24’s national standards.

The survey results show that Kent County’s Overall Digital Learning Readiness Score is 6.14 out of 10. The overall score is an average of the scores earned in the areas of curriculum and instruction, use of time, technology and infrastructure, data and assessments, academic supports, professional learning, budgets, and resources. This score places KCPS at the planning level for digital learning readiness as indicated in Table 1.

Table 1

Digital Learning Readiness Level










School systems at the planning level of digital readiness have established indicators based on a vision, set a baseline, and conducted a gap analysis.  The strategic technology plan satisfies the remaining requirements of the planning level.  Execution of the plan will allow Kent County to move to the staging level and qualify the district as ready for full implementation of digital curriculum, content and tools.

Current Technology in KCPS

Kent County Public Schools was awarded the Digital Learning Innovation Grant in 2013-2014 for $400,000.  This funding provided the resources to begin Kent County’s digital transformation.  Using these grant funds, the following devices and subscriptions were purchased:

  • 300 Chromebooks for elementary schools
  • 170 iPads for Kent County Middle School
  • 160 laptops for 9th graders at Kent County High School
  • Gizmos math and science interactive simulations with onsite staff training
  • Discovery Education 7th grade Science Techbook with onsite staff training

The Discovery Education partnership has since expanded to include math, social studies, science, and health for students in grades 3-12 to replace existing textbooks.  The Discovery partnership also highlights Kent County nationally as one of six districts to create a corps group of digital learning teacher leaders. This Discovery Digital Learning Corps is a 3-year commitment that includes 5 full days of professional learning and five days of one on one coaching with Discovery’s content specialists.   At the end of the 3 years, a new group of teachers will be selected to expand the program.

Kent County earned additional grant funds to purchase subscriptions to Scholastic, Dreambox (adaptive math software) and Schoolnet (online assessment system and data warehouse).  Each of these products aligns with KCPS’ core learning goal to put students first by providing them individual learning experiences in a digital environment.

The Plan

The detailed feedback from the survey provided a clear direction for Kent County Public Schools in the areas of assessment, academic support, and infrastructure.  The survey results served as the basis for instructional goals.  It is also essential to include the technological goals for the administrative central office departments that support instruction including human resources, finance, transportation, foodservice, and environmental services.  The goals for these departments promote a paperless environment as well as creating more efficient workflows.  One example of this improved efficiency is the merging of IT and maintenance into a unified support helpdesk.

Each department supervisor contributed strategic technological goals, milestones, strategies, and evaluation tools to this plan. Items with a fiscal impact were included from each department as well.  Assessing the fiscal needs of each central office department over a three-year period will provide more accurate budget forecasts and time to explore a variety of funding sources.

Download the full plan here (pdf version)
Download the full plan here (Word version)

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