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Principal's Letter
Principal's Letter
                                                      Rock Hall Elementary School
                                                                                 21203 Sharp Street
                                                                                Rock Hall, MD 21661
                                                               "A School-Wide Title 1 School"
                                                                                    Fax 410-639-2998
                                                                       Principal: Kris Hemstetter
                                                                                                                         Secretary: Jennifer Atkinson


Dear RHES Students and Families:

 Happy New School Year! I hope you are enjoying the new school year.  I am excited to have met our RHES students, parents, and community.  It has been a very busy and exciting new school year for our students, our teachers, and our school. 

 Together, we will make this the best year ever at Rock Hall Elementary School. Our amazing teachers, assistants, and staff members are working hard to create a safe and caring learning environment for all of our children.  Thanks for all you do to partner with the school to help with this success. 

Remember it is important for you to be in school every day.  Learning at RHES is fun, exciting, and it happens every day. When you miss school, you miss the learning.  And we miss you!  Sometimes you are sick, and you need to take care of your body, that is OK.  But, make sure you send us a note so that we can mark you excused. 

Our school motto this year is RHES ROCKS.  We Respect Others, Community, Knowledge, and Self.  Our Rock Hall Crabs will be showing respect every day, in every way. 

I look forward to being your principal and spending our year together. I am looking forward to all of the hard work you will do this year.  Remember, my door is always open!!   

School Times

The doors will open at Rock Hall Elementary School at 8:50 am.  This will give you a good night’s rest and time in the morning to prepare for the day.  With the increased amount of students attending our school this year, arrival and dismissal may look a little bit different this year. The elementary school schedule is as follows:



Arrival & Dismissal Times


Regular Schedule

Delayed Opening

1 Hour

Delayed Opening

90 Minutes

Delayed Opening

2 Hours

Early Dismissal

1.5 Hours







Instruction Begins












Dismissal/Bus Riders






 New Staff / Teacher Team

The RHES “Rocks” Team will be welcoming new teachers, new staff members, and more teachers this year.  Please make sure to say hi, introduce yourself, and offer a helping hand to everyone.  New staff of RHES are posted in bold.






Mrs. Manley

Mrs. Gagalski



Mrs. Lloyd

Mrs. Zsebedics


First Grade

Mrs. Walters

Ms. Nickerson


Second Grade

Mrs. Mitzel

Mrs. Zottarelli


Third Grade

Mrs. Hickman

Ms. Bigelow

 Mrs. Receski

Fourth Grade

Ms. Maney

Ms. Jackson


Fifth Grade

Mr. Jachimowicz

Mr. Receski


Special Education

Ms. Cochran

Mrs. Parks

Special Education

Mrs. Receski

Mrs. Piasecki


Guidance Counselor

Ms. Zottarelli



Speech OT/PT

Mrs. Hitzges

Mrs. Rodney


Infants & Toddlers

Mrs. Wright




Mrs. Jetton




Mrs. Frison

 Mr. Thai


Physical Education

Mr. Walters



Title 1 Academic Interventionist

Mrs. Austin



Media Instructional Asst.

Mrs. Jones



Technology Iinstructional Asst.

Mr. Kirby




Mrs. Georgeson

Mr. Moody

 Ms. Anna 


Mrs. Newman

Mrs. Williams

 Mrs. McGinnes

Nursing Assistant

Mrs. Kelly

 Ms. Meggie 



Mrs. Hemstetter




Mrs. Atkinson



Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Nelson


Mr. Jerry

Mr. Steve


Mrs. Hemstetter


Rock Hall Elementary School

410-810-2622 Office


P.S.  Please remind your parents and guardians of these important dates for the year. 

 August 23-25 - First Year Teachers Report

August 25 – RHES Back to School Get Together 6-8pm Rock Hall Civic Center

August 28-31 - All Teachers Report

August 31 - RHES Open House 12pm-2pm – Visit the school and meet your teachers

September 5 - 1st Day for K-5 Students

September 5-6 – PreK Conferences

September 7 - 1st Day for PreK Students

September 11 – KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630 pm

September 13 – 90-minute early dismissal – Staff PD

September 21 - RHES Back to School Night 6:00 PM

October 2-6 – RHES Book Fair

October 3 – RHES Muffins for Mom

October 4 – RHES Doughnuts for Dad

October 5 – RHES Grandparent’s Breakfast

October 9 – KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630 pm

October 11 – 90-minute early dismissal – Staff PD

October 18 –School Closed – Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 19 – Schools Closed – Staff Professional Development

October 20 – Schools / Offices Closed

November 8 – 90-minute early dismissal – Staff PD

November 10 – RHES Fall Bingo – American Legion

November 13-17 American Education Week

November 22-24 – Thanksgiving Break – School’s closed

December 3 – RHES Santa’s Breakfast

December 11 –KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630 pm

December 13 – 90-minute early dismissal – Staff PD

December 21 – RHES Winter Festival/Concert – Kent County High School Auditorium

December 25-January 2 – Winter Break

January 8 – KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630pm

January 15 – Schools Closed – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 20 – RHES Indoor Community Yard Sale

February 9 – RHES Sweetheart Dance

February 12 – KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630pm

February 14 – 90-minute early dismissal – Staff PD

February 19 – Schools/Offices Closed – President’s Day

March 12 – KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630pm

March 14 – 90-minute early dismissal – Staff PD

March 16 – RHES Spring Bingo – American Legion

March 29-April 2 – School’s Closed – Spring Break

April 9 – KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630pm

May 9 – 90-minute early dismissal – Staff PD

May 14 – KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630pm

May 28 – School Closed – Memorial Day

June 8 – 5th grade KCPS Celebration Picnic 1100-100pm

June 11 – KCPS Board of Education Meeting 630pm

June 14 – Last Day of School for students


district home
Rock Hall Elementary School

21203 Sharp Street
Rock Hall, MD 21661
Phone: 410-810-2622
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