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Carson Scholars Recognized at April Board Meeting

The Carson Scholars Fund announced 510 students across the country who were named 2014 Carson Scholars.  Each year the Fund recognizes a select group of high achieving students in grades 4 – 11 who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and humanitarian qualities.  Students receive a $1,000 college scholarship award and the coveted honor of being named a Carson Scholar.  In addition, 704 students have renewed their Carson Scholar status.  These previous winners have maintained high academic standards and a strong commitment to their communities and are being recognized for their efforts.  The Kent County recipients in two categories are as follows:



Recognized Scholars

Peyton Chance- 12 Grade and 5th time recipient

Elizabeth Walters- 8th grade and 4th time recipient  


First Time Scholar

Rowley Harvey (11th grade)


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Kent County's School Board consists of 5 elected members and 1 student member.  Each member serves

a 6-year term.


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    The Kent County Public Schools has a five member elected board with one additional student member.   Each member servers a four year term.  The student member serves for one term.

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    This section houses archived KCPS Board of Education Minutes.

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