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Kent County High School is proud to announce Naviance! Naviance is a comprehensive K - 12 College and Career Readiness program that helps students connect their strengths and interests to long term goals. 
To access scholarships that are currently available students will log into his or her Naviance account and follow the instructions below. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact guidance! 
NAVIANCE Scholarship Application Process
To apply for scholarships:
1. To access Naviance enter connection.naviance.com/kentch into your url address bar.
2. Log into Naviance using your PowerSchool username and password; go
to the COLLEGES tab and click ‘scholarship list.’ Here you are able to view
current scholarships. You can also browse through various scholarships by
using the scholarship match tab.
3. Apply to scholarships through their websites or by an application. Make
sure to follow each scholarship’s application instructions.
4. To add the scholarships you applied to, go to the COLLEGES tab and click
‘add scholarships’; to find the specific scholarship, click ‘select scholarship.’
Click in the box to the left of the scholarship. Click (at the bottom of the page)
‘Add Selected Scholarship to my List.’
5. Go to the COLLEGES tab. Under ‘resources,’ click ‘transcripts.’ Click
‘request transcripts for scholarships or athletics.’ Enter the requested
information. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Add Transcript Request.’
6. Complete one Application Tracker form for each scholarship you applied
to, and submit the form to the guidance office.
7. To update the results of the scholarship, go to the COLLEGES tab, click
‘scholarship applications’ then ‘edit scholarship.’ Choose the result. If you
were awarded any monies, place the amount in the ‘$ awarded’ space
provided. Click ‘Update Scholarships.’
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